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How Practical Generator Actually Appear!??

You Ever See?? That How A Practical Generator Was Actually Appear!!??

Different Parts Of Practical Generator 


The simple loop generator has been considered in detail merely to bring ojt the basic principle underlying construction and working of an actual generator illustrated in figure. Which consists of the following essential parts:

  • 1)Magnetic frame or yoke
  • 2)pole-cores and pole-shoes
  • 3)pole coil or field coils
  • 4)armature core
  • 5)armature windings or conductors
  • 6)commutator
  • 7)brushes and bearings

Of these,  the yoke, the pole cores,  the armature core and air gaps between the poles and the armature core or the magnetic circuit whereas the rest form the epectrical circuit.

1) Yoke

It provides Mechanical Support for the poles and act as a proteting cover for the whole machine and its  carries the Magnetic Flux produced by the poles.

2)poles cores and pole shoes

They spread out the flux in the Air Gap and also being of large cross section reduce the reluctance of the Magnetic Path. They support the exciting coils

3)poles coil

When the current pass through the coil they Electro Magnetise the poles which produce the neccesery flux that is cut by revolving Armature Conductors. 

4)armature core

It house the Armature Conductor or ciol and cause them to rotate and hence cut the magnetic flux of the Field Magnets

5)armature winding

The Armature Winding are usually former wound. These are first wound in the form of flate rectangular coil and are then pulled into their proper shape in a coil puller.


The function of the commutator is to facilite collection of current from the armature conductor tors. And converts the Alternating Current in direct current.

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7)brushes and bearings

The Brushes whose function is to collect the current from comuttator are usually made of Carbon Or Graphite and are in the shape of a rectangular block.

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