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Major Applications In Various Field Of Laser Light!!

Major Applications In Various Field Of Laser Light!! 

All About LASER Light

  • LASER is an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation".
  • In Laser Light the intensity of light is amplified by a process called stimulated emission. 

Laser Light are optical phenomena which find major application in various field such as medicine, engineering,  fiber optics communication,  industries etc.  Laser are more powerfull radiation than ordinary light radiation.

Characteristics of laser

The following characteristics distinguishes a laser Light beam from an ordinary light.
2. High intensity
3. High directionality
4. High monochromaticity

Laser Light is highly powerful and is capable of propagating over long distance and is not easily absorbed by water.

(1) Coherance

The wave trains which are identical in phase and direction are called coherent waves.
Since all the constituent photons of laser beam possess the same energy, momentum and propagate in same direction, the laser beam is said to be Highly Coherent.

(2)High intensity

Due to the coherant nature of laser, it has the ability to Focus  over a small area of 10^-6 (cm) ^2,i.e. extremely Highconcentration of its energy over a small area.

(3) High directionality

An ordinarry light source emits light in all possible direction. But, since laser travels as a parallel beam it can travel over a long distance without Spreading.

The angular spread of a laser beam is 1 mm/meter. This revels the Directionality of the laser beam.

The light from a normal monochromatic source spread over a range of Wavelenght of the order 400 nm.  But, the  spread is of the order of 1nm for laser. Hence, laser is highly monochromatic i.e. it can emit light of single wavelenght.

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