Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How We Can Voltage Increase By Voltage Build Up Process And How Its Work !

How We Can Voltage Increase By Voltage Build Up Process And How Its Work ! 

Fully Describes About The Voltage Build Up Process And How Its Actually Work or How Its Helpful For The Increase Voltage

As show in figer shows the circuit diagram of a shunt generator. 

  1. Before connecting a load to a shunt generator, it is allowed to build up its voltage. 
  2. The Voltage Increasing in Voltage build-up in a self-excited dc generator depends up on the presence of a residual flux in the field poles.
  3.  Initially due to residual magnetism in the field poles, a small emf is produced. This emf circulates a small current in the field circuit, which turn produces additional flux to reinforce the original flux. 

  1. This process continues and the generator builds up the normal voltage shown in figer. 
  2. The generator excites itself due to residual magnetism and develops the voltage as described below
  3. Voltage Increase Process 

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Line OP represents the shunt field resistance.

When the generator is started a small emf (represented by OA ) is induced due to residual magnetism. 

This induced emf causes a flow of current oa' in the field circuit. This is obtained by drawing a horizontal line from point A meeting the field resistance line at point a and then from point a drawing perpendicular line meeting current axis at a' 

When field current is oa', the generated emf is a'a" which produce field current ob', which in turn produces a high voltage b' b".

 Thus it is observed that effect is cumulative and value of induced emf and field current increases until these reach point D, the point of the  intersection of the shunt field resistance line and magnetic characteristics obtain.

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