Thursday, 1 March 2018

You Know What Is Advantage Of 3 Phase Transformer!!!

Advantage Of 3-Phase Transformer - You Know What Is The Advantages Of Three Phase Transformers??? 

widely Used Applications is Electrical Transformer, Here The Description All About Advantage  Of Electrical Transformer??

A 3-phase AC system is used to generate and transmit Large Amount Of Power.

Single phase transformer construction 
Three phase transformers contruction

Three Phase transformers are used to step up and step down AC voltages in various stages of a Power System The construction of a single 3 phase transformer is preferred over a bank of three 1phase - transformer due to the following advantages

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  • (1) It occupies less floor space for equal ratings
  • (2) It is lighter in weight.
  • (3) Smaller size for the same rating. 1phase

Single phase transformer winding 
Three phase transformers construction 

  • (4) A 3- phase transformer is cheaper than a bank of three transformers.
  • (5) It requires few bushings.
  • (6) Less transformer oil is used.
  • (7) It requires 1/3 as much iron for the magnetic circuit as compared to a bank of three 1-phase transformers.
  • (8) More efficient.


  • A 3-Phase Transformer actually consists of 6 windings, three primary and three secondary.

These Windings are usually connected either in delta or star. A 3 phase core type transformer consists of a three- legged iron core. Each leg has a respective LV and HV winding as shown in figer (a) and (b).

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