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What Is A Advantage Of Scott Connection Of 3- Phase Transformer!!

What Is A Advantage Of Scott Connection Of 3- Phase Transformer!! 

How We Can Apply Scott Connection In The Three Phase Transformers!!?? 

The conversion of 3-phase AC supply to two-phase AC or vice-versa can be achieved by this connection and  is needed for the following applications:

  • 1) to supply power to two-phase electric furnaces
  •  2)to inter 3 ase and 2-phase systems
  • 3)to supply power to a 3-phase apparatus from a two-phase source and vice-versa

Scott Connection requires a 3-phase power input and provide two equal single phase outputs.

These outputs are 900
degree out of phase and must not be connected in parallel or in series as it creates a Vector Current imbalance on the primary side.

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Figer (a)  shows the schematic diagram of scott connection of transformers.


Two Single Phase Transformers of identical rating with suitable provided on both, are required for the scott connection.

The tappin transformers used for this conversion must have the following pings on their primary windings

Transformer T1: 50% tapping and is called main transformer

Transformer T2: 86.6% tapping and is called teaser transformer

The Main Transformer T1 is centre-tapped at D and is connected across the lines B and C of the 3-phase side.

It has primary BC and secondary and secondary a1a2.

The Teaser Transformer is connected between the line terminals A and the centre tapping D. It has primary AD and secondary b1b2.


The Phasor Diagram of voltages across the primaries and secondaries shown in figer (b).

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