Sunday, 20 May 2018

Differences between Microcomputer , Microprocessor , Micro controller!!??

Differences between Microcomputer , Microprocessor , Micro controller

About The Microprocessor , Microcontroller,  and microcomputer!!?? 

– Microcomputer – a computer with a
Microprocessor as its CPU. Includes memory, I/O

– Microprocessor – silicon chip which includes  ALU, register circuits & control circuits

– Microcontroller – silicon chip which includes  Microprocessor, memory & I/O in a single  package.

What is a Microprocessor?

• The word comes from the combination Micro And Processor.

Processor means a device that processes whatever. In this context processor means a device that processes numbers, specifically Binary Numbers, 0’s and 1’s.

To process means to manipulate. It is a general term that describes all manipulation. Again in this content, it means to perform certain operations on the numbers that depend on the
Microprocessor’s Design.


What about micro?

• Micro is a new addition.

  • – In the late 1960’s, processors were built using Discrete Elements.
  • These devices performed the required operation, but were too large and too slow.
  • In the early 1970’s the Microchip was invented. All of the components that made up the processor were now  placed on a single piece of silicon. The size became several thousand times smaller and the speed became  several hundred times faster. The “MicroProcessor"  was born.

Was there ever a “mini”-

• No.
– It went directly from discrete elements to a  single chip. However, comparing today’s

Microprocessors to the ones built in the early  1970’s you find an extreme increase in the  amount of integration.