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Comparison Between Magnetic And Electrical Circuit !!!

Here the Difference Between Magnetic And Electrical Circuit !!!

Analogy Between Magnetic And Electric Circuit  And The Differences Between Magnetic Circuit And Electric Circuits 

A) Analogy Between Magnetic And Electric Circuit  

  • 1)

Magnetic Circuit  : 

The Closed Path Followed by The Magnetic Flux Is Called Magnetic Circuit.

Electric Circuit  : 

The Path In Which Electric Current Can Follow Is Known As Electric Circuit.

  • 2)

Magnetic Circuit :  

Flux = MMF / Reluctance

Electric Circuit : 

Current = EMF / Resistance

  • 3)

Magnetic Circuit : 

This Is the cause of linking of flux in the circuit.

Electric Circuit : 

EMF ( Volts)
This is the cause of flow of electric current in the circuit.

  • 4)

Magnetic Circuit : 
Flux Density = Flux / Area

Electric Circuit : 
Current Density = Current / Area

  • 5)

Magnetic Circuit : 
Reluctance = This opposes the linking of magnetic flux.

Electric Circuit : 
Resistance = This Opposes the flow of electric current.

  • 6)

Magnetic Circuit : 
Permeance = 1/Reluctance

Electric Circuit : 
Conductance = 1/Resistance

  • 7)

Magnetic Circuit :
Permeability = 1/ Reluctivity

It is the property of the magnetic path to pass more flux.

Electric Circuit :
Conductivity = 1/ Resistivity

It is the property of the conducting material to pass more current.

  • 8)

Magnetic Circuit : 
S = S1 + S2 + S3 + ............... + Sn
In series Magnetic Circuit.

Electric Circuit : 
R = R1 + R2 + R3 + .................+ Rn
In series electric circuit.

  • 9)

Magnetic Circuit :
1/S = 1/S1  +  1/S2  +  ............. +  1/Sn
In parallel Magnetic Circuit.

Electric Circuit  :
1/R  =  1/ R1  +  1/R2  + .............. + 1/Rn
In parallel Electric Circuit.

B) Differences Between Magnetic Circuit And Electric Circuit 

The Magnetic Circuit differs from the electric circuit in the following respects :

(1) Resistance is normally independent of current in an electric circuit, whereas reluctance depends on the Flux Density in the magnetic circuit. 

For This reason magnetization (B-H) curves of magnetic materials are used for determining necessary excitation.

(2) Flux actually links in the magnetic circuit, whereas current actually flows in the circuit.

(3) In magnetic circuit, energy is needed to create the magnetic flux only at starting but in an electric circuit, energy is consumed till the current flows. 

(4) The magnetic circuit has the property of retentivity .
i.e. a small amount of lux called residual flux persists after the removal of the MMF .

Whereas in an electric circuit, the current reduces to zero after the removal of the applied EMF or when circuit is broken.

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