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All About The Future Big Revolution In Electrical Engineering With Uses Of Solar Energy !!

All About The Future Big Revolution In Electrical Engineering With Uses Of Solar Energy !!

All Description About The Solar Energy And Solar System Which Will Be  The Future Big Revolution In Electrical Engineering. 

How Solar Panels Generate Electricity?

Generally, the solar grid has thin metal lines printed on the top N-type layer and the bottom P-type layer is in contact with an aluminum plate.

When the solar energy in the form of light waves hits the top surface of the silicon photovoltaic cell, only lights with wavelength from a specific window of the solar spectrum (350 to 1140nm) are absorbed into the middle layer.

This range of waves length includes the visible spectrum. Ultraviolet wavelengths are so short they stop at the surface. Infrared wavelengths are so long they can’t be absorbed and pass right through the cell or are reflected back.

Every time this occurs the light wave knocks an electron off a silicon atom, this set the electron loose and leave an area of positive charge a hole.

The loose electron then moves towards and reaches the top N-type layer, which readily accepts electrons.

In a similar way, the loose hole moves towards and reaches the bottom P-type layer which readily accepts holes.

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How To Solar Panels Works ???

For Transfer The Solar Energy Into Electrical Energy Which Was We Can Use In Our Electrical Applications .

The World Intercept A lot Of Power 173000 terawatt That's 10000 Times More Power Than Planet Population Used.

First WE Need To Understand How Solar Panels  Converts The Solar Energy Into Electrical Energy.

Solar Panels Are Made By Small Units Its Called Solar Cell.

Most Common Solar Cell Made From Silicon. In Solar Cell The Crystal And Silicon is Sandwich Between Conductive Layers.

Each Silicon Atoms Are Connected To Their Neighbors By 4 strong Bonds Which Keep Electrons In Place So No Current Can Flow.

A silicone Solar Cell Uses Two Different Layers Which In N - Type Silicone Has Extra Electrons And P - Type Silicone Has Extra Spaces For Electrons Called Halls.

Solar panels are consisting of some solar cells connected in series. Each of the cell produce half volt ( 0.5 volt ). Thus to charge a cell phone maximum 12 solar Cells are needed.

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The Tips And Tricks For Getting Zero Electricity Bill With Using Of The Solar Rooftop System With Full Detail.

For Making Solar Rooftop System First You Need To Know How To Works The Solar Panels  .

After Getting Knowledge Of How The Solar Panels Works Now we Get Start How We Can Get The Zero Electricity Bill By Using Solar Rooftop System.

Some Specification Of This Solar Rooftop System.

2kv System
3000 Unit/year

Electricity Bill Zero.

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How We Can Build Easily Basic Portable Solar System  !! 

That Was Helps Us To In Generate Electricity By Using The Solar Energy  !!

For Making A Basic Portable Solar System First You Need To Learn How The Solar Panels Works ??

After Learn How Solar Panel Works We Need To Require Some Components Which are Used To Making A Basic Portable Solar System.

Here The List Of Components Which Was Used In Our System .

  • 40watt 12V Solar Panel
  • Inverter  : 1500Watt 12V DC to 240 vac
  • 100 amp DC Breaker
  • 30 amp mppt charge controller 

  • Diode block

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