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Different Applications of Nuclear Energy Which All Electrical Engineer Should Know !!!

Different Applications of Nuclear Energy Which All Electrical Engineer Should Know !!!

The Different Applications Of Nuclear Energy Which Very Useful Information For All Electrical Engineering Students And Also For Conversion Of Electrical Energy. 

Applications of Nuclear Energy

Although nuclear technology is mainly used for the production of electricity in nuclear power plants, this is not the only utility that can be given.

This type of energy appears in many other aspects of our everyday life and in science.

If you work with different isotopes of the same element, it's possible to use nuclear technology for other applications in different fields.

Military applications, nuclear weapons :

A gun is a tool used to attack or defend, nuclear weapons are those weapons that use nuclear technology.

Depending on the role that has the nuclear weapon technology in the two types of nuclear weapons are distinguished : those that use nuclear energy to explode, as in the case of the atomic bomb, and those using nuclear technology for propulsion.

In this second category are included cruisers, aircraft carriers, submarines.

Nuclear medicine :

Every third patient who visit a hospital in an industrialized country receives the benefits of any type of nuclear medicine procedure.

Radio pharmaceuticals, and radiation therapy techniques for the treatment of malignant tumors, teletherapy for cancer treatment of radiation biology to sterilize medical products are used.

Agricultural uses of nuclear technology

The application of isotopes in agriculture has led to increased agricultural production in less developed countries.

Industrial uses of nuclear technology : 

Nuclear technology has a great importance sector.

Its mainly used in development and process improvement to the measurement, automation and quality control.

It is used as a prerequisite for the full automation of high speed production lines, and it's applied to the investigation of process, mixing, maintenance and wear and corrosion study of plant and machinery.

Nuclear technology is also used in making plastics and sterilization of single use products.

Uses of nuclear technology to food : 

As food, nuclear techniques play an important role in food preservation.

The application of the isotopes can significantly increase the preservation of food. Currently, over 35 countries permit irradiation of certain foods.

Environmental uses of nuclear technology :

The application of isotopes to determine the exact amounts of polluting substances and places in which they occur and their causes.

Furthermore, the treatment beam electrons reduces the environment and health consequences of large-scale employment of fossil fuels, and has a better contribution compared with other techniques, solving problems such as the "greenhouse effect" and acid rain.

Other use of nuclear technology : 

Nuclear technology is used as dating, which applies the properties of carbon-14 fixation to bone, wood and organic waste, determining chronological age and applications in geophysics and geochemistry, which exploit the existence of naturally occuring radioactive materials fixing dates of rock, coal an oil deposits.

We found other applications of nuclear technology in disciplines such as hydrology, mining or the space industry.