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Classification of UG (Underground) Cable

Classification of UG (Underground) Cable


The conductor coated with insulation is called Cable.

In highly populated area like metropolitan cities over head transmission and distribution is impracticable and considered as hazard.

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For safe transmission and distribution cables can be laid under the ground called under ground cable system.

Under ground cable system is employed for urban distribution system at low or comparatively moderate voltage, for the straight transmission of power for short or moderate distance or part of over head lines in built up areas.

Some look upon Overhead transmission lines as unsightly. Taking transmission lines Underground reduces public opposition, improves permitting schedules and provides aesthetically pleasing final installations.

Underground transmission is increasingly considered as an alternative to Overhead lines thanks to fast - track transmission projects, urban area load growth, improving trenching and trenches technologies and decreasing costs of high - voltage cable systems.

Classification of UG Cables

Cables are classified in different ways.

(01). According to the number of conductors : It can be classified as single core, two core, three core or multi core.

(02). According to the voltage rating : It can be Classified as :

(a). Low Voltage (LT) cables - operating voltage up to 1 KV.

(b). High Voltage (HT) cables - operating voltage up to 11 KV.

(c). Super tension (ST) cables - operating voltage up to 22 KV to 33 KV.

(d). Extra high tension (EHT) cables - operating 33 KV to 66 KV.

(e). Extra super tension (EST) cables - operating voltage 132 KV and above.

(03). According to the nature of application of insulation and lead sheath.

(a). Belted type cable

(b). H-type cable

(c). SL-type CV cable

(d). HSL-type cable

(04). According to the methods of improving di-electric stress.

(a). Solid type cable.

(b). Oil filled cable.

(c). External oil pressure type cable.

(d). Gas pressure type cable.

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