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Equipments used in sub-stations

Equipments used in sub-stations

There are many equipments which are used in sub - stations.

01. Lightning Arrestor
02. Isolators
03. Circuit Breaker
04. Current Transformer
05. Potential Transformer
06. Power Transformer
07. Capacitor Bank
08. Reactors
09. Relays
10. Control Room

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01. Lightning Arrestor :

The lightning arrestor is always connected at the  starting of the sub-station. The main purpose of lightning arrestor is to protect the equipment for lightning thunder. Whenever lightning thunder falls on substation the lightning arrestor pass the lightning thunder to the ground thus protects the equipments.

02. Isolators :

The main purpose of isolator is to break or to isolate the circuit. The isolators are always operated at no load condition, if we operate isolator at load condition, isolator may get demage. 

03. Circuit Breaker :

A circuit breaker is a protective device which break the circuit when fault and overload occurs in lines. There are many circuit breakers which are used in sub-stations are SF6 circuit breaker, vacuum circuit breaker and oil curccir breaker.

04. Current Transformer :

The current transformer it is also called CT or instrument transformer. The main purpose of current transformer is to measure alternating current, the current transformer is also used for protection.

05. Potential Transformer :

The potential transformer is also called as PT or instrument transformer. The main purpose of potential transformer is to measure voltage.

06. Power Transformer :

A transformer is a static device which transfers energy from one circuit to another circuit without changing it's frequency. A power transformer is used in sub-station to step-down the voltage.

07. Capacitor Bank :

The capacitor bank is used in sub-stations to improve power factor in the line.

08. Reactors :

These are two types are of reactors used in sub-station, they are : series reactors and shunt reactors.

a. Series reactor - It is used to limit short curccir current and hence increase efficiency of line.

b. Shunt reactor - It is used to increase impedance in line.

09. Relays :

Relays are protective device which detects the fault and initiates the operation of circuit breaker. There are many relays used in sub-stations, they are differential relay, impedance relay, overload relay etc.

10. Control Room :

Control room where the operator can control everything like controlling, switching and other operations are done at control room.

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