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What is Skin Effect in Transmission Lines

What is Skin Effect in Transmission Lines

Hello Guys, in this article i will discuss about skin effect in transmission lines.

skin effect in transmission lines

When a conductor is carrying steady direct current (d.c), this current is uniformly distributed over the whole X-section of the conductor.

However, an alternating current flowing through the conductor does not distribute uniformly, rather it has the tendency to concentrate near the surface of the conductor as show in below figure.

This is known as skin effect.

The tendency of alternating current to concentrate near the surface of a conductor is known as skin effect.

Due to skin effect, the effective area of cross-section of the conductor through which current flows is reduced.

Consequently, the resistance of the conductor is slightly increased when carrying an alternating current.

The cause of skin effect can be easily explained. A solid conductor may be thought to be consisting of a large number of strands, each carrying a small part of the current.

The inductance of each strand near the centre are surrounded by a greater magnetic flux and hence have larger inductance than that near the surface.

The high reactance of inner strands causes the alternating current to flow near the surface of conductor.

This crowding of current near the conductor surface is the skin effect. It may be noted that skin effect is negligible when the supply frequency is low (<50Hz) and conductor diameter is small (<1 cm).

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