Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Blogging Tutorial #1 - How To Make An Very First Article

Blogging Tutorial #1 - How To Make An Very First Article 

How To Write First Article

Blogging is all about our unique and creative content you can write. But lots of content you write in one paragraph is not preferred by user to read.

So, you have to know about modules that every post should contain.

Every post should have,

  • Title
  • Headings
  • Subheading
  • Content
  • Photos

1) Title Shows That What Is Your Post About

Title is that you write in this section.

When you publish the post your title will show in the browser tab like this. 

As you can see title will display on the tab not in your post.

2) Title Is Head Of Your Blog Post

Very First statement in your post should be the Heading.

Heading and Title should be same.

Write first statement and then select the statement and make him heading by using this tab in blogger.

There is only one heading in the every article.

This will look in google like this.

3) Subheading Means What ?

Every New Topic In Your Article should consider as Subheading. You have to write most search keywords in your Heading as well as Subheadings.

Make sentence subheading from here,

It will look like below picture.

4) Content

You have to use your keywords in the content. Make sure that your content is easy to understand and good in read.

So, Readers will like to read your articles and it improves your ranking in google.

Your article should contain minimum 300 words and maximum as you can write.

5) Photos

Photos are valuable because it highlights the article. 

Readers see the picture before read the article. So, you have to create attractive and according to content photos.

Never copy any image from google because of it your article will never rank in google it is totally bad for SEO.

Make your own images by image creating softwares.

So, this are the main things you should focus on these 5 things if you are beginner.

Now for your help View this Demo Article and compare with your post. In this post you will learn where you have to use Heading, Subheading, Photos etc..

Thank you !! We will discuss more about blogging and SEO in next article !! Stay join with us !!