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Small SEO Tools :

About Article Rewriter

Why Article rewriter instrument?

As a practically equivalent composition, article modifying author and exposition essayist device works, yet as an essayist we have to know plainly what the distinctions are between the two.

In revising the article you can change the word or expression to keep the importance and furthermore add a couple of more sentences to put forth the defense all the more unmistakably open to the peruser. attempted to acquaint some article author instruments with make composing simple and agreeable

About Plagiarism Checker

What is Plagiarism?

It is known as the way toward "replicating information from the Internet or getting somebody's thought and afterward sharing it as their very own information."

In the Internet world, it isn't viewed as a wrongdoing, however it shows misleading in the individual's character.

Question Why does it make a difference? 

Indeed, in scholastics, it can place individuals in a difficult situation, if written falsification is gotten, they won't just face punishments, however one can lose the time utilized for early learning.

This is a profoundly unfortunate practice and is considered as a trick since it includes dishonest exercises of taking information or thoughts and afterward lying about it.

Because of this deceitful action, a few programming has been propelled to distinguish copyright infringement.

The principle motivation behind utilizing literary theft checker is to examine instances of duplicated information.

The online copy content checker checks the taken instances of information as well as tells the wellsprings of that taken information.

About Backlink Maker


You are probably not going to rank without top notch backlinks on the grounds that this factor is one of the top-positioning variables, and Google affirms it.

Some time ago SEOs were not worried about the nature of connections highlighting their site pages. It was a round of value over amount.

The main thing is that the backlinks were to make whatever number locales as free and as could reasonably be expected.

The quality in the game was not high at that point.

Be that as it may, since 2012, after the rollout of the Penguin update, Google changed the principles of SEO and assembled external link establishment along these lines. Penguin's goal was to take sites with low quality, spam joins.

In the Short SEO Tools (Small SEO Tools) report, we comprehend the significance of making quality backlinks following Google's rules.

That is the reason we have built up a Free Backlink Generator device that will make free backlinks for you as it tends to be an incredible wellspring of natural traffic.

About Meta Tag Generator

Free Meta Tag Generator

Meta tag is HTML label content that gives metadata about your site, for example, depiction. Meta labels are utilized via web indexes to help list and give applicable substance in their list items.

About Meta Tags Analyzer

What Is Meta Tag Analyzer?

Meta Tag Analyzer is a SEO device that checks the meta labels utilized in your page or your rival page.

This gives you data about how great these labels are. Additionally it checks in the event that you are utilizing the right meta tag for your site.

It likewise surveys whether your meta title tag, meta catchphrase tag, meta portrayal tag and meta robot tag are set in their right area.

Yippee !, Bing, Google and other web indexes don't really require the utilization of a meta tag.

By the by, an ever increasing number of organizations are utilizing it to rank higher on web indexes and as we definitely know, higher racking on web crawlers implies better chances to pull in rush hour gridlock and deals.

About Keyword Position Checker

One of the numerous approaches to rank high on web crawlers is to give quality substance that incorporates watchwords.

No watchwords ought to be utilized. You ought to pick a catchphrase that has something to do with your specialty or your business' industry.

There are numerous ways how you can pinpoint the best ones to use in a material.

Notwithstanding picking catchphrases cautiously, you ought to likewise keep on assessing how those watchwords are influencing your page.

OK, you don't need to procure somebody to do it. You can do this effectively with the assistance of watchword position checker apparatus.

About Robots.txt Generator

Free robots.txt File Generator

robots.txt is a document that can be set in the root envelope of your site to help web crawlers record your website all the more appropriately.

Web search tools like Google use site crawlers or robots that survey all the substance of your site.

 There might be portions of your site that you don't need clients to slither to remember for query items, for example, administrator pages.

You can add these pages to the document to disregard them unequivocally. Robots.txt documents use something many refer to as robot prohibition convention.

This site will effortlessly produce the record with the contribution of pages for you.

About XML Sitemap Generator

What is XML Sitemap?

By and large, this is a rundown of your site's URL as a XML record (otherwise called Google Sitemap since it was first presented by Google).

Also it enables you to incorporate extra SEO-explicit data about every URL, for example, the date it was last refreshed, how frequently it changes, and how significant it is.

XML position guarantees that this data can be effectively handled on a wide assortment of PCs, applications, and frameworks, so web crawlers (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Baidu, AOL, Yandex, and so on.) get your sitemap documents. There will be no issue to comprehend.

About Backlink Checker

Discover who connects to your opposition with you and our free backlink checker.

Use it to construct connections and increment your positioning.

About Alexa Rank Checker

What is the Alexa positioning?

Alexa has been furnishing Internet clients with a free toolbar since mid-1997, which furnishes the client with some helpful web apparatuses in their program.

In its own words, the toolbar has now been downloaded in excess of 10 million times around the world. The utilization of the toolbar gives data about which sites to the client.

Since there are a large number of clients in the toolbar around the world, Alexa can demonstrate a site's fame and related sites yet it varies with space authority (guests to this site likewise visit these destinations, a rule we call Amazon Also know from .com).

It gives this data to free on its site and also gives intermittent surveys of the most well known locales (by class or language district).

About Word Counter

What is Word Counter?

Aside from checking words and characters, our online supervisor can assist you with improving word decision and composing style, and, alternatively, help you to identify sentence structure mix-ups and copyright infringement.

To check word tally, essentially place your cursor into the content box above and start composing.

You'll see the quantity of characters and words increment or lessening as you type, erase, and alter them.

You can likewise reorder content from another program over into the online proofreader above.

The Auto-Save highlight will ensure you won't lose any progressions while altering, regardless of whether you leave the site and return later.

About Online Ping Website Tool

What Is Online Ping Website Tool?

There are such a large number of choices in Ping as well. A wide range of site gives diverse Pinging device.

Our own is one of them. Ping instrument fundamentally ping your site and show you the outcome how much time it takes to see your site from an IP address.

It searches for the server reaction time. You should realize that the site stacking speed is a lot of significant for site positioning.

On the off chance that your site takes over 7 seconds to stack, at that point your site will effectively go down in web index result.

Since after a long research numerous SEO Specialist chose that individuals would prefer not to stand by over 5 seconds for a site stacking.

So essentially for any site positioning; you should require a quickest associate speed to your site. Our apparatuses enables you to check how a lot of seconds or moment it takes to associate your site.

You can get familiar with Search Engine Optimization Tips to be certain why site stacking speed is an excessive amount of significant and what should you do to get positioning on web crawlers.

About Link Analyzer

Connection Analyzer by Short Seo Tools

Utilize this Link Analyzer by Short Seo Tools on the off chance that you need to investigate the connections on your site

Regardless of whether you're acting in light of the most recent Penguin update or playing out a standard connection review, this free Link Analyzer Tool by Short SEO Tools makes the way toward auditing and investigating your connections as simple as could be expected under the circumstances.

This site interface checker device must be utilized to investigate the connections on one URL (site page) at once.

In this way, on the off chance that you need an inside and out connection review, you ought to investigate the individual website pages individually, and not just the landing page.

About My IP Address

What is an Ip Address?

When you have recognized the IP address of a web client, you can rapidly get a thought of where they are found geologically (it mentions to you what part of the nation or world they are located).

This IP Location query device from Small SEO Tools is simple and allowed to utilize. You may enter up to 100 IP addresses (include one IP address for every line) which make it advantageous.

You'll get the outcomes in only a single tick. It will show you the Country, State/Region, City (inside a 25-mile range), postal division, time zone, and status of every IP address that you have entered.

An IP Address or Internet Protocol Address alludes to a lot of numbers that is doled out to a PC organize that utilization's Internet Protocol for sending and accepting information.

The two principle goals of IP address is for facilitating and area tending to or organize interface distinguishing proof.

About Keyword Density Checker

Online Keyword Density Checker

Catchphrase thickness is the level of times a watchword or expression utilized in a website page as contrast with the all out substance accessible on that page.

In SEO term, website admins figure it to decide if a page is significant to a predetermined subject.

Prepost seo site watchword thickness checker causes you to fix your errors, yet in addition it identifies your missteps in your site content with the goal that you can transform it as indicated by the best qualities.

Content scholars and website admins need to check catchphrase thickness for their articles before they distribute or after distributed; So we added the two choices to figure thickness by means of site page url or by duplicate gluing your content in the info box.

We give 100% free administrations and there isn't restrict on it device. You can perform boundless checks utilizing catchphrase thickness adding machine.

We are wanting to include a choice, that will enable you to discover catchphrase recurrence straightforwardly by transferring Txt, Doc, Docx or PDF document.

After the outcomes showed you will see 3 yields; Phrase Name, No. of times it is utilized, and it's rate as indicated by the complete substance. 

Equation for computing it's worth is exceptionally basic. First your expression is determined; how often you have utilized it in your substance and gap it with the complete length of your content.

Our online Tool dissects brings about 3 unique edges. It will show one, Two and Three words thickness.

Recurrence of utilizing one same term must not surpass from 3% of your absolute substance and in the event of long tail search queries you should keep it between 1-2%.

Presently most regular inquiry comes at the top of the priority list; what will occur in the event that I surpass it's cutoff points.

Extreme utilization of same words or expression may are not prescribed via web search tools and your site may punish by google or bing under the area of catchphrase stuffing.

So never and ever attempt to over-advance your site content.

About Google Malware Checker

What is Malware?

Malware is only a code composed explicitly to taint the PCs, pulverizing information or taking significant information of clients.

At the end of the day it is programming which encroaches in a PC framework without the proprietor's consent.

When malware contained website opens, a document or programming can be downloaded and introduced on a PC that can be hurtful.

On the off chance that your site is tainted, it can bring your site notoriety and rank down. Guests won't open your page and it will lose trust just as.

About Domain Age Checker


In basic terms, "Space Age" alludes to the measure of time during which an area name has existed. It is the manner by which old a space name is.

So for instance, if a space name was enrolled in 2010, the area age will be 10 years by 2020.

Also, what's an area name? It is the URL of a site, similarly as That is, the location with which Internet clients can get to your site.

About Whois Checker

About Whois Checker

Whois Checker lets you get every one of the insights concerning a space in only a single tick!

Little SEO Tools present to you this free online apparatus that enables you to gather significant data about a specific space in a snap. This Whois Checker apparatus can assist you with discovering the accompanying:

  • space recorder
  • name of the server
  • termination date
  • status of the space
  • geographic area
  • contact numbers
  • name of the space managers
  • email address of space managers

About Domain into IP

About Domain into IP

When you or your business enters the online world, you must be as specialized as could be expected under the circumstances.

There are a ton of things you have to get acquainted with on the off chance that you need to effectively keep up, update and fix your site at whatever point required.

There are a great deal of website improvement (SEO) apparatuses that can assist you with a few concerns in regards to a specific page or web page.

About URL Rewriting Tool

What is URL Rewriting?

URL Rewriting is utilized when you need to change over your dynamic URLs into static ones. Our URL rework module encourages you in this change.

For the most part, site proprietors utilize an online URL Redirect Generator since it spares them time and endeavors. Besides, it helps in improving the Search Engine Optimization also.

What are Dynamic URLs?

Dynamic URLs are long series of characters that incorporate +, #, %, and so on. Dynamic URLs will undoubtedly change after some time.

What are Static URLs?

Static URLs doesn't run in long series of characters, they are shorter than dynamic URLs, and they don't change with time.

Website admins and SEO experts convert their Dynamic URLs into Static URLs since they are simpler to recollect and bookmark because of their perpetual nature.

Additionally, Static URLs are favored over Dynamic URLs via web indexes, so they help in your web page's SEO.

On the off chance that specific pages on your site still have Dynamic URLs, you should follow them down and transform them into Static URLs with assistance from the free URL Rewriting Tool by RankWatch.