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#1 What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020

What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020

What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020
What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020

 Stands for ' Search Engine Optimization '. it is practice of increasing rank and getting organic traffic on google search engine result page.

When you want to get organic traffic on your website by google. then ranking on google search engine is necessary factor.

When term "Ranking" on google comes you need to apply SEO.

SEO helps ranking website on google.

In this article we discuss about the SEO Content :

  • What is SEO ?
  • Why Our Site Is Not Ranking First ?
  • Why SEO ?
  • How Does Google Rank Websites?
  • Organic VS Paid Results ?
  • Types Of SEO ?

What Is SEO ?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is practice of increasing organic traffic on google search engine result page.

SEO helps in ranking up your website in search engine and user gets organic traffic.

When you want to rank first and use SEO, that means your website and your pages have particular things in a right way.

Website and pages in a way that leads the user friendly content and google finds most useful content for user search then google shows your website first.

SEO Works in a situation when user search anything on google, google robots finds most updated and well formed structure and display first on google.

For Example,

100 Students in essay content writing and only one can win so, how winner will decide ?

So, winner choose on the basis of essay's,

  • Suitable Title
  • Well formed structure
  • Readable content 
  • Logical sentences
SEO Works in same way when user search something google shows ranking on the basis of,

  • Related Title
  • Best Content
  • Links
  • Organization all in a good way
  • Most updated data
So, This is SEO and works Search Engine Optimization.

Why Our Site Not Ranking First ?

Every minute thousands blog posts are publishing so, competition in ranking first on google is very high.

Google shows bestest from the all posts. So, if your content has all quality as user demand then your website has chances of ranking first on google.

Factors why your website is not ranking first are,

Better Content : If competitor has better content then yours then your website ranking will low.

More Pages : If you don't have more pages in your website then chances of website and page ranking is low.

Improper Usage Of Keyword : Keyword is most important factor in ranking, you have to knowledge of how people are search, what keyword they use .If you don't use keyword which they search then there is no chances of ranking your website.

Poor Links : If your page has poor link building then website will not rank. You have to Build Internal links as well as external links in your page for ranking.

Load Time : If your site getting more load time then google never ranks your site. If load time is slow then user like to read article and that's why google ranks the webpages with fast load time.

Good user Experience : If website doesn't have a good experience then it will never rank.

If user faces spam websites, pop-up content then they don't like to going on that web pages it is a bad user experience and affects lots of in ranking.

Pages Are De-indexed : indexing means pages are scan by google robots and google search engine have a copy of that web page . if page will de-indexed it means google don't have your page in their list and your web page will never rank ane never see in google.

Why SEO ?

All blogger wants to rank their website first on google and get organic traffic that's why they can earn more money.

Main Ranking Factors are :

Logical Structure : It means your webpage have proper header , content in format.

Suitable Title : Title and URL of post is very important factor. Title and URL has to same as keyword that can search by user.

Relevant Content : For ranking first content is the main factor. your content should be engaging and relevant. It should be written in a good manner that user will like to read.

Meta Description : Your page should have Meta description for ranking in google. Google search users keyword in your meta description.

Neat And Readable : Your web page should be Responsive Design . It means it should be adjust in screen according to device screen size.

Site speed is important factor. If your site takes too much time to load then user can go other website.

Link Building : Your web page should have internal links and external links . it will helps a lot in ranking up in google. 

How Does Google Rank Websites ?

Google rank any website after processing three basic steps.

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking

1) Crawling 

Crawling process is done by google robots called Google spiders.

Google spiders scan the website and copy entire website content and stores that content in search engines's Index.

This process is done for the updated, better content and keyword that user search.

By this method google finds which site have relevant and updated content related to certain keywords.

2) Indexing

Indexing means stores website's copy in search engine by google spiders. when any user search something google search related keyword and page shows in google if our site have that keyword.

For Example :

If you search in google : hen it will shows you results of your domain.

It means how many pages of your website are show in google and it means those pages are indexed in google.

What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020

What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020

If  User is not in the search engine's index. So, user will not find website in google.

What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020
What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020

It simply means if crawling process is not complete that's mean google have no copy of our website and that's why our website is not in google's search engine index.

If your pages are not indexed then you can use Google Search Console for know which pages are not indexed in google.

 3) Ranking

When user search on google search engine, the most relevant website will appear on the search result based on multiple factors like user's location, language and user's experience etc...

When we know about What is SEO and Why is SEO then, user experience is most important factor.

User Experience Factor's are :

  • Page Load Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Session Duration
  • Based On Cookies
Different countries shows different results.

Language and locations are also important in the SEO.

Paid VS Organic Traffic

Organic traffic

This is real traffic.

Organic traffic means your website get traffic from google without giving money .

This traffic comes when user search any keyword and your website ranks on that keyword then user will go on your website.

This type of traffic is called Organic Traffic.

Bloggers use SEO for getting Organic Traffic. Because this is real and valuable Traffic.

Paid Traffic :

Paid traffic means people give money for showing their website first on google.

Most of people go to the first website so, if paid website shows first it means people go their and that website get more traffic.

So, this is giving money and get traffic called paid traffic .

Example :

What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020
What Is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2020

Types Of SEO ?

There are two types of SEO :

  • On-Page SEO 
  • Off Page SEO

On-Page SEO :

It is the process of optimize elements on your website it self.

It means the page or article we are creating making it fully SEO.

On-Page SEO Consists :

  • Header Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Title Tag
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Usage
  • Internal Links
  • Sitemap 
  • etc...

Off- Page SEO :

It means for ranking first on google do process not on the page but do other things that helps the page rank up like :

  • Backlink
  • Keywords
  • etc..
Types of  SEO is the very large topic it self. so, we will discuss it in separate article. 

Here, We know about basic about types of SEO. in other article we know about it in brief.

So, I hope you understand SEO Meaning, What SEO Is and SEO services. Thank You !!