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How To Apply For Aadhar Card Without Any Documentation ?

How To Apply For Aadhar Card Without Any Documentation ?

Without Any Document Can We Apply For Aadhaar Card ?? This Question Might In Your Mind.

Data on Applying for Aadhar with no Documents 

Aadhar Card is a basic personality confirmation which is utilized for some administrations these days.

On understanding the significance of the Aadhar Card, every one of the inhabitants independent of their age or sexual orientation must select themselves for the Aadhar Card.

UIDAI has allowed the occupants of India to apply for the Aadhar Card even without the archives.

Inhabitants who don't have Proof of Identity and Proof of Address can even now apply for the Aadhar Card.

Without Any Document Can We Apply For Aadhaar Card ??
How To Apply For Aadhar Card Without Any Documentation ?

One can at present apply for the Aadhar Card with no records.

This should be possible with an assistance of an introducer.

Various approaches to apply for Aadhar with no archives are recorded underneath.

  • With the leader of the family as Introducer
  • With some other individual as Introducer

Enrolment Procedure to Apply for Aadhar with no Documents

Enrolment system of applying an Aadhar Card without the reports is same as should be expected application methodology.

The main contrast is that the inhabitant who don't have the verification of way of life just as the confirmation of address can even now select with the assistance of an introducer or with the evidence of their relative.

Adhere to the offered guidelines to apply for Aadhar effectively.

  • One has visit to the enrolment focus by and by to apply for Aadhar Card. The essential advance is to find the closest UIDAI Aadhar enrolment focuses.
  • Acquire an Aadhar application shape and appropriately fill in with precise data. On the other hand one can download the Aadhar application for online from the UIDAI official site.
  • In the space given for the introducer, fill in the personality and address confirmation the introducer.
  • Give the biometric and statistic subtleties.
  • Introducer must sign in the space given in the Aadhar application structure. Introducer's biometric data will likewise be taken at the enrolment focus.
  • On accommodation of the application, the candidate will be given an affirmation number.
  • Affirmation number ought to be remained careful, as it will be utilized for checking Aadhar status.

How to Apply for Aadhar With the Head of the Family as Introducer?

The inhabitant without Proof of Identity and the Proof of Address need not freeze.

They can even now select for an Aadhar Card with the assistance of the introducer who can be their leader of the family.

The Head of the Family should have first enlisted himself/herself for an Aadhar Card.

At that point he/she could help the candidate for this procedure.

Without Any Document Can We Apply For Aadhaar Card ??

The PoI and PoA of the leader of the family is given at the enrolment focus and the leader of the family should sign the application type of the candidate for giving confirmation to the candidate.

For this situation, the candidate must give a substantial family privilege report as verification for supporting their relationship and demonstrate that they have a place with a similar family.

The leader of the family should be available at the enrolment focus during the enrolment procedure and his/her biometric data would be required.

Subsequent to finishing the procedure, one will be given an affirmation receipt with an affirmation number. It is valuable for following Aadhar status in future.

How to Apply for Aadhar With Any Other Introducer?

The inhabitant who couldn't have any significant bearing with the assistance of the leader of the family as his/her introducer, they can approach the closest Enrolment Center for further arrangements.

There are sure people who are as of now named as introducers by the Registrar.

These people are enrolled with the UIDAI. NGO's, educators, specialists, neighborhood heads, chose individuals from nearby bodies who are utilized by the enlistment center's office are remembered for this rundown and they can become introducers.

These introducers must outfit the genuine data of the candidate at the neighborhood Aadhar office as it were.

For this situation, enrolment is conceivable in neighborhood Aadhar office just and is impossible anyplace else.

The introducer must confirm the Aadhar application and furthermore give the biometric data at the hour of enrolment.

Biometric data of the candidate is spared in the focal database. Candidate gets an affirmation number for utilizing it to follow the Aadhar status.

What are the Requirements to Apply for Aadhar Card?

Candidates who don't by and by have any of the records, must pursue a similar enrolment methodology and ought to organize an introducer. Candidate ought to have the accompanying reports to fulfill the necessities for fruitful culmination of Aadhar enrolment process. Candidates ought to appropriately fill in the Aadhar application and visit the enrolment focus. Rundown of the records to be submitted are:

  • Verification of Identity of the leader of the family or the introducer.
  • Verification of Address of the leader of the family or the introducer
  • Aadhar number of the Introducer
  • Photo and biometric data of the introducer.
  • Statistic and biometric data of the candidate.
  • Archive to entitle their relationship if the introducer is the leader of the family.

What are the Documents Supporting Relationship while Applying for Aadhar? 

It is vital that candidates who don't have their very own character and address evidence must bring an Introducer. 

All things considered, the connection between the candidate and the introducer must be outfitted.

UIDAI acknowledges barely any family qualification archives which express the relationship of the candidate and the introducer. 

Those conformations of reports that help the relationship are recorded underneath. 

  • PDS Card 
  • MNREGA Job Card 
  • CGHS/State Government/ECHS/ESIC Medical card 
  • Annuity Card 
  • Armed force Canteen Card 
  • Identification 
  • Birth Certificate gave by Registrar of Birth, Municipal Corporation and other advised neighborhood government bodies like Taluk, Tehsil and so on 
  • Some other Central/State government provided family privilege archive 
  • Marriage Certificate Issued by the Government 

How to Apply Aadhar Card for a Minor? 

Minor individual can likewise apply for the Aadhar card with the assistance of their folks. 

Youngsters can be selected for the Aadhar Card with the both of the guardians' evidence of character, confirmation of Address, birth testament of the kid and the Aadhar number of the parent. 

For this situation, the guardians are the introducers for the minor youngsters. Kids can likewise apply for the Aadhar card at any age. 

Without Any Document Can We Apply For Aadhaar Card ??

It is an intentional procedure. Biometric data isn't required for youngsters underneath 5 years. 

At the point when a youngster select for Aadhar card before the age of 5, at that point he/she should refresh the biometric data at 5 years and furthermore at their age of 15. 

Apply Aadhar Card for a minor through the disconnected mode by legitimately visiting the closest enrolment focus. 

How to Apply Aadhar Family Enrolments? 

Family enrolments are permitted by the UIDAI. All the relatives can book an arrangement for application process with the closest Enrolment focus. 

All the relatives can select for Aadhar Card together with the evidence of personality and confirmation of Address of the leader of the family. 

This technique can be finished effectively just when they present the family privilege report. Leader of the family should likewise show up upon the arrival of enrolment. 

For family enrolments, the biometric data of the Head of the Family is additionally spared. 

In the use of the relatives, mark of the leader of the family should likewise be available. 

Family enrolments spare additional time as enrolments for every one of the individuals are done together in a split second.

Questions Asked By People 

Can I get Aadhar card without address proof?

If you do not have proof of identity and proof of address, you can still apply for an Aadhaar card via an introducer or the head of your family.

To apply for Aadhaar, you have to visit the Aadhaar enrolment centre of your choice along with valid documents of proof of identity, address proof and date of birth.

Can I get PAN card without Aadhar card?

It's not mandatory to show aadhaar card if you had these documents. A copy of any one of these documents is acceptable as ID proof for a PAN card:

Photo identity card issued by the Central Government or State Government or Public Sector Undertaking. Pensioner card having photograph of the applicant.

Is Aadhaar card sufficient for PAN card?

To apply for Aadhaar card, you are required to provide valid documents of proof of identity, address proof and date of birth.

Remember there is no charge for applying for Aadhaar card. Also, any correction within 96 hours of enrolment is free.

Can I make 2 Aadhar card?

Technically it is possible to have multiple Aadhar Card issued if we rely of finger print and iris match.

But the current system(system to bind or issue a SIM and link it with Aadhar) require the user to enter the Aadhar number and verify the same with his/her finger print.

What is the document required for Aadhar card?

What are the documents required for Aadhar card? Proof of Identity - Passport, Ration card, PAN card, Driving license, Voter ID, etc. Proof of Address - Ration card, Voter ID, Driving license, Passport, bank statement/passbook, etc. Proof of Date of Birth - Passport, SSLC certificate, Birth certificate, PAN card, etc...

How do I get proof of ID?

  • To create an ID Proof Affidavit, you will have to follow these steps:
  • Draft the Affidavit by including accurate details.
  • Get it printed on a Stamp paper of minimum value.
  • Place your signature.
  • Affix a recent passport size photograph.
  • Get the Affidavit identified and duly attested by Notary.

What are the address proof for Aadhar card?

  • Proof of Address – You can submit one of these documents as address proof:
  • Passport.
  • Bank Statement or Passbook.
  • Account Statement of Post Office or Passbook.
  • Ration Card.
  • Voter ID.
  • Driving License.
  • Govt. Photo ID cards or PSU Issued service photo identity card.
  • Electricity Bill (Not more than 3 months old)