Thursday, 2 July 2020

What Is Aadhaar Virtual ID ?

What Is Aadhaar Virtual ID ?

Virtual ID :

Aadhar Virtual ID or the VID is the random 16-digit number mapped with the unique 12-digit Aadhar number which can be used in place of Aadhar number for authentication.  Aadhar Virtual ID can be used for performing any e-KYC services.  But it is not possible to obtain Aadhar number  from the Aadhar Virtual ID.There are two methods of generating Aadhar Virtual ID which are listed below.

What Is Aadhaar Virtual ID ?
What Is Aadhaar Virtual ID ?

How to Generate Aadhar Virtual ID through Online Mode?

UIDAI has set up a feature to assist the resident of India to generate Aadhar Virtual ID through the online mode. Generating Aadhar Virtual ID is a very simple process. It is also a secured method of sharing your KYC details for any services. The below steps must be followed to generate the VID through online mode.

Visit the UIDAI official website.

Under the Aadhar Services, choose “Virtual ID Generator”.

In the VID generation page, the cardholder must enter  Aadhar number and security code.

Choose “Send OTP”.

OTP is sent to the cardholder’s registered mobile number.

Choose “Generate VID” to generate the Virtual Aadhar ID.

How to Generate Aadhar Virtual ID Using mAadhar App?
Aadhar Virtual ID can be generated if the card holder has a smartphone and aadhar number handy. Instantly generate Aadhar Virtual ID using this method. For this method also, you will require internet access. One must follow the following steps to obtain the VID.

Download mAadhar app from Google playstore.

To create mAadhar account, enter the Aadhar number.

An OTP will be received in the registered mobile number.

Enter it in the given space.

The card holder must create the password for the mAadhar account and exit the app.

Login to the Virtual Aadhar by entering the password.

In the Virtual ID space, enter 16 digits randomly.

The VID is generated and can be shared with the agencies for KYC verification.

How Long is Generated Aadhar Virtual ID Valid?

Aadhar Virtual ID has a minimum validity for 1 day from the generation of it. After which, another new VID is created. On creation of the new Virtual ID, the previous Aadhar Virtual ID expires. The resident can generate new virtual ID by following the same procedure as creating the VID. When the new Virtual Aadhar ID is created, the old VID gets deactivated. There is no proper expiry time for the VID. It expires on the creation of the new one.